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Cell phone tower negotiations and acquisitions

We provide services to Cell Site Construction Companies and Landowners. Our goal is to eliminate search time for Construction Companies and increase exposure for property owners who have a desire to have a cell tower located on their property.


The number one question in the industry is “how can I get a cell phone tower on my property?” Our services are specifically tailored to optimize a Landowner’s ability to get a Cell Tower Lease. When you list your property, you immediately gain exposure to Cell Tower Building Companies.

Also, we provide for purchase a Landowner’s Guidebook. This is an industry guide that answers the many questions that all Landowners have and cannot find the answers to. This Guidebook also gives valuable information to further increase your chances of success in gaining a Cell Tower Lease. For any Individual who wants to learn about the Wireless Industry and wants to maximize their chances of getting a cell tower lease, this is a must.

Site Acquisition Specialist

Our database is available to all SAS professionals who work with verified Cell Tower Construction Companies. We gather Site information in a manner that makes your job easier. We help eliminate time-consuming field efforts to secure viable Property. You will have direct access to the sites in your market and be able to conduct searches using various search parameters. You can search by city/state, latitude/longitude, zip code and others. Submit an application today and start selecting sites.

Property Evaluation

In order to list your property, you will need to evaluate whether it is suitable. We have listed basic criteria that most Cell Sites must have in order to stand a legitimate chance of obtaining a Cell Site Lease. In general, if your Property meets these criteria, it is suitable to become a Cell Site. After you finish your evaluation, you will either proceed to list your property or decline. In some cases, even if a Site Acquisition Specialist chooses you property, it may still not qualify due to a zoning, an easement issue or local ordinance.

Landowner’s Guidebook

Through innovation and strong industry experience, we developed a “Landowner’s Guidebook” to answer the many questions that Landowners have. We have many years of experience in the Telecommunication & Wireless Industries and we have a full understanding of the processes involved regarding the placement of cell towers. We developed a program to both maximize speed to market for companies placing Cell Phone Towers and maximize the ability of Landowners achieving their goal of obtaining a cell phone tower lease. This is a great resource for Landowners who wish to get a cell tower located on their property.

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