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Landowners Guidebook


Trying to understand the process of how to get a Cell Phone Tower on your Property is a very difficult endeavor, to say the least. We developed a detailed Landowner’s Guidebook to explain how this process works. We remove all the guesswork of what a Landowner has to do if they want to get a Cell Phone Tower on their property.

Our Guidebook was written to answer the many questions that all Landowners have, yet cannot get the answers to. Unfortunately, industry professionals just do not have enough time to explain how the Cell Tower Industry works. For this reason, we used years of gathered knowledge and offered this industry information for Landowners. It includes over 50 pages covering:

  • Industry Overview
  • Step-by-Step Cell Site Selection Process
  • How Specific Cell Sites are Chosen
  • How to prepare your property for selection
  • How to negotiate after you have been approached
  • Breaking down the Cell Tower Lease line by line
  • Types of Cell Towers
  • Sample Cell Tower Lease
  • Additional Space requirements
  • Easement Issues
  • Breach of Lease
  • Extending your current Lease
  • Evaluation of a Lump Sum for your Lease
  • Tax treatments of owning a Cell Tower Lease
  • Cell Tower Removal and Remediation
  • Lease termination risks
  • Maintaining Proper records



The “Landowner’s Guidebook” will provide you with useful information regarding your property and explain the Cell Site Acquisition process more thoroughly. It will explain how Cell Sites are chosen step by step. Also, it includes many industry facts and current sample leases the major Cellular provides use. The book is packed with information that will answer questions you have long had regarding “how to get a cell phone tower lease on my property”.

Even if you are in the database, the Landowner’s Guidebook is a vital component as well. If you want to maximize your properties exposure at every level, the Guidebook will accomplish this. It will help you understand and market your property. It will help you become aware of the industry signals (that the Database cannot) and it will help you keep your eyes and ears open for key indicators that will help ensure your success.

Knowing key indicators and information will put you one step ahead of your competition (your neighbor). Through our program, you will be informed and maximize your wealth potential. Our goal is to give you the necessary tools to achieve success.

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